TAP driver for Solaris used for OpenVPN
and any other virtual network solution.

This is a TAP driver for Solaris that can be used for OpenVPN, OpenConnect, vpnc
The code is based on Universal TUN/TAP driver. I made changes somewhat and added some code to it for supporting Ethernet tunneling feature, since Universal TUN/TAP driver for Solaris only supports IP tunneling known as TUN.

Since there has not been TAP driver for Solaris, OpenVPN does not have code for handling a TAP device for Solaris. So I also modified OpenVPN code somewhat, and made it work with this TAP driver.
OpenVPN patch has been merged into OpenVPN 2.2.0.(2011.04.28).

Also, I wrote bridge moduel for Solaris, so that you can configure Solaris as bridge server.

TAP driver

Patch for OpenVPN

Patch for OpenVPN has been merged into OpenVPN 2.2.0. (2011.04.28).
So if you are going to use OpenVPN 2.2.0 or later, you don't need to apply following patch.

Bridge module

tunctl command for Solaris

Tested Solaris versioin

I've tested on following Solaris version and platform.

Change log